Hi, I am Jemma,
In the coming months I am going to share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer at SAT www.satanimalrescue.com and at the Easy Horse Rescue Centre www.easyhorsecare.net.

This month I have been observing the many different ways the dogs walk and generally ‘hold ‘ themselves. Some waddle along in a very relaxed manner, tails free, upward and swinging from side to side. Others kind of strut and almost move their legs as if they are dancing; others move slowly and at times reluctantly, tails down and heavy and with little movement and then there are all those ranging in between. I know that these movements reflect how the dog is feeling, whether he is relaxed or fearful, settled or anxious. So I am reminded through my yoga and meditation training that as humans we have the ability to take control of our movements and thoughts. This month I became more conscious of how I walk when I am with the dogs… am I fully upright, chest relaxed and open ready to receive and give to what the moment brings or is my head down and my shoulders slouching, closing in and hence missing potentially. How is the alignment of my whole body? Is it balanced and even, do I walk with awareness of both my right and left side. My understanding is that how we hold our own body and how we walk does affect the way we interact with people and the world at large, so I have the ability to change my physical posture and movements, and hence my experience of life…

This leads me on to how different a character each and every dog and horse that I spend time with has, and how in some way that brings out or maybe even facilitates a different aspect of myself. Everybody is unique, but often we blend with the crowd, lose ourselves when amongst dominant/outgoing/flamboyant or very energetically strong people (more about this next time) or forget our individuality, so this month I have spend time to acknowledge the unique and specialness of the dogs and horses I am with, and hence to acknowledge my own… and maybe you too could take some time to do that.


It’s LOLO this month … Lolo has been at SATs now for over 2 years, he’s is about 5 and a half years old… He used to live with a man with mental health issues and I guess was a loved and supportive companion. But sadly there came a time when he was not able to care for Lolo anymore . Lolo came in to the centre with severe skin damage due to fleas and lack of care. It’s not been easy for Lolo and I often wonder how much leaves it’s mark on the dogs… Lolo is gorgeous dog whom I have spent a lot of time with. He’s very loving, adores his walks, so enjoys to roll when he gets the chance and play ball but can be unpredictable . He needs to be on his own, as he does not interact very well with other dogs, though I believe this could change, … and he needs lots of time, attention, interaction and love.

Please get in touch with SAT or Easy Horse if you are interested in volunteering in any way.

Jemma x