Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)

This month is dedicated to the lady readers (sorry guys) but as the saying goes “happy wife = happy life!”

Do you feel completely out of sorts once a month? Well lady, you are not alone! Don’t fret!

PMS causes a variety of physical and emotional symptoms in the days leading up to menstruation. Some can experience mood swings, food cravings or depression to depression to breast tenderness, fluid retention or feeling bloated. Changes in hormone levels also cause some women to experience migraines.

For one in ten women, the symptoms can be extreme. Pms is associated with unbalanced levels of progesterone and oestrogen.

Low blood sugar is common prior to aa period and once blood sugar is balanced symptoms tend to disappear.

There are ways to naturally aid the balance in your body

Generally cutting down your intake of burgers, sausages or meat-based meals will help as they usually contain high levels of saturated fat and salt.
Don’t eat high-salt foods, such as crisps and salted peanuts or highly processed meats like salami or chorizo are best avoided, as salt will add to the water retention problem.
Stimulants such as alcohol, tea and coffee, caffeine products like energy drinks, chocolate, cakes and biscuits are also best avoided as they mess with your blood sugar.
Try starting your day with some porridge, adding some sunflower seeds, raisins or a chopped apple will help balance your blood until lunchtime, or try one of Joan’s gorgeous smoothies at Lounge D.

Drink plenty of water and try calming herbal teas such as chamomile.

Add some quality protein to each meal, like lentils, varied seeds, fresh fish, eggs or chicken and some dried beans and pulses which are rich in fibre protein and essential fats.
Good hormone balancing foods to eat are sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and my personal favourite, brussels sprouts and try snacking on some sunflower seeds to slow the sugar release.
If you have the extreme case, then start taking a B-complex or a women’s multi-vitamin in with your supplements and also take 1 gram of omega -3 fish oil daily to help raise your mood.
Start some regular exercise to reduce stress or learn to meditate- just find some time each day to call your own.

Treat yourself to an aromatherapy massage each month, some essential oils that can aid the balance are rose, ylang ylang, neroli, jasmine or geranium while clary sage is also great for reducing cramping period pains.

Here’s to a cheerier month all round!

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