As the temperature cools somewhat there is an increase in activity both here in GA and at home with runners arriving from their homes and looking for partners to run with. 

Jeanne looks like she is improving from her injuries and has started her slow journey back to fitness and is looking forward to the arrival of Claudia and Brigitte for some joint run outs. 

Andy, in amongst his herculean efforts  organising supporter arrangements for the Elche CF games in La Liga, has started his training which should see him compete in the Santa Pola 21k in January, which coincides with a home game for Elche, so expect a PB from Andy so he can get to the game in time. 

John is contemplating entering the Santa Pola 21k but is already well ahead with his preparations and it shouldn’t be too much for him to extend his training. 

Claudia and Brigitte have yet again entered an endurance run, The Mad Chicken Run, which was held in Germany. They ran an astonishing 75km in 12 hours (actual running time) starting at 10:00 on Saturday and finishing at 03:00 on Sunday. 

The conditions were wet and windy resulting in muddy paths that were under water for large parts making it difficult to run. In spite of the conditions they finished 45th and 46th overall and 12th and 13th in the womens’ race.  This is running in the extreme and having done this last year one would think that was enough, but not Claudia and Brigitte. However, well done both on a fantastic achievement!!!

Julie will be returning in October, so if anyone is around she would welcome some company on a run.


This month has seen some PBs: Staffan ran 1k in 3 min 51 and has now passed the 200 day mark for his run streak.  John ran a PB at the 5k Park Run, and Mike ran a PB at the 5k “Not” Park Run.

Geoff celebrating his birthday in Jersey

Geoff celebrated his birthday during the month and this year went for his customary 4 miles birthday run along the beach in Jersey.

Diary Dates:

1st October Rojales  5k and 10k 


1st October Altet 5k and 10k 


13 November Alicante – Santa Pola 21k 

via Arenales  (

22nd January 2023 Santa Pola 21k (

If you see us join us for a run or say hello. No matter your ability, If you are visiting the area andwant to run with someone, please get in touch on 0044/747 685 1356