The (continuing) Adventures of The Gran Alacant Runners

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We had a new runner join us this month, Eileen who recently competed in the Wigan 10k and who joined us for a run through Gran Alacant and Los Arenales.

Philippe has had another set back after the recent treatment he had on his knee and is now awaiting confirmation on what procedure, if any, is available for him. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Jeanne cracked a rib in a biking fall which put her out of action for a few weeks, but she is back running around the Clot with no loss of form.

Lou is slowly recovering and has attempted a few short runs. Andy continues to run his training sessions before he starts work and Graeme can be seen burning up the streets in Gateshead.

Claudia and Brigitte travelled to Valencia to run in the half marathon, and we will hear more from them next month when they provide some detail on their current challenges. 

Staffan will visit during this next month and will join with Brigitte, Claudia, Jeanne and Jan. Hopefully they can meet up for a run and perhaps, some light refreshments.

It’s been an enjoyable month with the group. With the cooling of the days it has been more enjoyable to run, plus we haven’t had to get up at crazy o’clock to avoid the sun, but more importantly, we finally got to meet each other. The running group first formed in the month before lockdown, during which Claudia, Brigitte and Philippe travelled to Benidorm to compete in the Benidorm 10k, but since then it has been almost impossible to meet as a group. However in October we had two meet ups; one as a joint run and one as a social get together.

On 12th October, Claudia, Brigitte, Jan, Eileen and Geoff, met for a run from Gran Alacant through Los Arenales. To spice things up there was a section in the middle where we raced over a 3.5km course. And to even things up everyone was given a handicap, with the slower ones setting of first. It proved to be highly competitive and was enjoyed by those who took part.

On 17th October we met at Skippers bar for a coffee in the sunshine to meet new friends and share stories of yore.

No matter what your ability, if you are visiting the area and want to run with someone, please get in touch.

If you want to join us contact Geoff 0044/ 747 685 1356