Gran Alacant Runners (sponsored by GA Homefinders)

It has been a busy month for us.

On 29 August Rob ran the Santa Pola 6k Amancer organised by Club Atletismo, Santa Pola. This was the first sports participation event in Santa Pola since the restrictions began and attracted over 1000 runners in what has been described as a great run around Santa Pola. 

John has finished his Running Streak, calling it a day after over 331 days of continuous running, in all conditions. This is a marvellous achievement by John but it is not the first time he has taken on a running Streak having previously run for 365 consecutive days.  However, the longest recorded Running Streak ended in 2017 when Britain, Ron Hill, at 78 years old ran his last mile, thus completing 52 years and 39 days of continuous running.

John at Park Run

Claudia and Brigitte have completed their endurance run where respectively they ran 64.83 miles (104.32km) in 14 hrs and 30 min and 53.5 miles (86.1km) in 14 hrs 53 min. Another astonishing feat!

A number of runners took part in a successful World Record attempt for the most people to complete a remote 5k in 24 hours. The event was organised by Run End to End Ltd who issued us with certificates to commemorate our achievement.

Geoff World Record attempt

Graeme ran in the Great North Run (21k) in just over 90 minutes. Staffan ran in the Stockholm Half Marathon in 102 minutes, John and Mike run at Park Run on a Saturdays, Philippe is recovering from treatment on his knee and has made 2-3 runs during his recovery and Jeanne continues to run 3-4 times a week.

Staffan Stockholm Half Marathon

I have written before about an effective programme called Couch to 5km, which was created, to assist people become more active. To-date it has been successfully completed by millions of people across the world many of whom have since gone on to continue their running. I have known Donna for about 10 years and during that time she has occasionally gone for a 2-3 mile walk, but nothing concerted. Last year however, during lockdown, she started walking on a regular basis, despite her sore hip and knee. She started to lose weight, the walking got easier, the distances she walked increased, her knee and hip problems were less of an issue and then she started the Couch to 5km programme which combines walking with some gentle running, with a view to running 5km. She has now completed 3 x 5k runs, has signed up for Park Run and is working towards eventually running 10k. I met up with her in GA this week and joined her on a gentle run. We are all behind you Donna and wish you every success.

If you want to join us contact 

Geoff 0044/ 747 685 1356