Better late than never. I must apologise for the time it has taken me to write this message of thanks. I must first and foremost thank Rob and Ros for the quick response to acquiring the equipment for Mervyn, ie a hospital bed, wheel chair and zimmer frame. Unfortunately Merv only managed a few days with the zimmer frame as after that he was bed bound but I’m saying that he was kept very comfortable with the excellent hospital bed and the ripple mattress. At one time when we first used the ripple mattress he complained that I had put “a lot of pies in the bed”.

20160908_162038Due to Rob and Ros Mervyn also had an excellent nurse called Ann. She was very hands on and had a very calming presence. She also organised help with one of her team of nurses to meet me at the hospital when I had to take Mervyn for a scan. If anyone is in the same situation needs help with a member of their family with cancer, please do not hesitate to ring Rob or Ros for help, as you must contact them directly to ask for their help. Mervyn was made as comfortable as possible at home as the doctors had told me that his cancer had gone beyond the help of Chemo or Radio therapy. I miss him so much.

Thank you to everybody who supported me at the time and all who attended Merv’s funeral. I must give special thanks to Mac and Angie for the lovely spread they put on for Merv after the funeral. Also, big thanks to Martyn and Sue for all their help going to and from the Airport to collect and take back my 3 daughters and for Sue for sitting with Mervyn if I had to go out. Thanks as well to Val Dolphin for spending time with me and for the chats. It was all very appreciated.

And before I forget, the most important phone numbers: Rob and Ros 966790775 or 699894183 (mobile)

Many thanks again to everybody.

Chris Holmes