I could not resist.  Keeping my opinions to myself is like trying to stop the air escaping from a burst balloon.

We are living through a difficult time with the war, the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis.  The hot topic now seems to be the cost of living crisis.  I love how we have to give everything labels now.  I do not remember any labels back in the 70’s and 80’s.  

The government has handed out money to try and help with energy bills, which I hope has helped many, but in my opinion we get used to high prices and the energy companies will always want to sell at the highest price, so don’t expect any reductions. We now get excited if we see petrol, prices go below 1.80 a litre whether that be euros or sterling. Our mind set has changed. We will see 1.50 as cheap whereas it is not at all. 

Due to increases in fuel costs, everything related to it has also risen. Everything has to be transported so everything has gone up. Everything needs energy to manufacture, so everything has increased in price. We now see the usual gut reaction to inflation, the plague of the 70’s strikes. 

Nobody blames the unions for fighting for their members, but they are fighting the wrong battle, which long term is not In the interest of its members. Inflation in the enemy of the working family. 

The rich are not affected by the price of a loaf, or the size of their electricity bill, but the rest of us are. Chasing inflation with large salary increases is ABSOLUTELY the wrong thing to do. If you are a railway worker and you get a 13% pay rise, transport costs rise, and referring to the earlier part of this 

article everything else follows. Others want to keep up with you and all you end up with is a bigger pay packet that buys no more than it did previously. Inflation destroys the worker.  History tells us this, therefore controlling it is the number one priority. This means biting the bullet, accepting we have to lose some of our wealth to gain future wealth. Increasing interest rates is a proven method of controlling inflation, painful but in the long term, it works. Yes, it is a pain in the arse the wealthy are rarely affected, but that is life. The wealthy will always exist. 

So do not let politics divide us. Left vs Right is a battle that benefits nobody. We are one nation let us work together for the benefit of the majority. Yes, some may benefit more than others, but THAT’S LIFE!

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