Hello, and welcome to my column. 

The aim is to look at events, whether they be world or local, and encourage you sometimes to start discussions, sometimes to argue, but always to have fun. Remember there’s no point in discussing anything with those that always agree. 

What a 12 months 2020 was. COVID went from nothing worse than a cold the fuss about I and many others scoffed at. To an illness that has killed many and I personally experienced for 3 weeks in November. 

It has affected many people in Gran Alacant, maybe not through personal experience of illness, but loss of businesses or income. Support from the state seems to have been sketchy. 

But we are now in 2021 in a position where we must start to look ahead and be hopeful and optimistic. There is a saying:

“The only difference between an optimist and a pessimist, is the optimist has more fun.”

Nobody can argue we are now closer to the end than we have ever been. As vaccines start to take effect, and adherence to the rules continues by the vast majority, will without doubt lessen the pressure on ICU beds which is the key to life returning to normal. 

This has never been about death of COVID victims but the affect COVID victims who need ICU treatment have on others who then cannot be attended to, whether that be Cancer patients or Heart patients, or other equally serious illnesses.

So if we accept we are nearing the end, how have we changed?

I can of course only talk of my own experience. But I’ve found a new pleasure in the 4 walls I live within. When one moves to Spain, you can sometimes think you’re not taking full advantage unless you eat out every night, or Bar hop every weekend. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy those activities, and I guess will continue to an extent, but it will not be the centre of my universe again. This for me and many of us, is our home, and I’ve finally started to live like that. 

I’ve started to appreciate the value of health, no I’m not about to become an avid Gym member. I hated it at school so I see no reason to pay for it now, but for me it was golf, for others maybe a walk on the beach, or for others donning the lycra and peddling to God knows where.

The Bar and Restaurant scene especially for our visitors and for local employment however of course is a VITAL part of Gran Alacant. How can they recover after the biggest crisis they have ever faced? 

Dare I say, one way to recoup losses that even for those that have survived, has drained any contingency resources all businesses need, is to look at their pricing. 

Is Gran Alacant too cheap?

I think so. How on earth am I able to pay the same today as I did 10 years ago for a night out. Its frankly ridiculous, and I for one would not complain if I saw bar prices in particular rise. 

My loaf of bread, nor my pint of milk are not the same price as they were in 2011.

Maybe increased summer prices so rebuild reserves and help local businesses through the winter? 

Do you have ideas on how Gran Alacant can get back on its feet again? Get the discussion started.

Well that’s it for this month. If you’re unlucky I’ll be back again. Let me know via the magazine (info@granalacantadvertiser.com) if you’ve a been in your bonnet about anything, I love a good argument/discussion. 

I promise I will not always agree.

Bye for now.