Years ago, we organised a few weekends for mentally and physically disabled people to fly with us under a tandem paraglider. We were no pioneers, but it was the first time event, a whole weekend was organised for that reason in Spain, and in Europe. Nowadays, special carriages and special modifications on the wings are made, so physically disabled people can fly themselves. One particular weekend, when the weather was with us at the coast, we flew a 100 times over the cliffs of Santa Pola. Of course, with all my other paragliding tandem friends from all over the region to help. An amazing, unforgettable and emotional weekend, which totally exhausted us out. Not only physically, but also mentally. The reason why we dont organize this event any more is the difficulty in finding help, but also because specialized clubs from all over in Europe offer tandems flights for all now. The organization was done weeks before, visiting schools, centers, talking to monitors, info sessions for the ones who were going to fly with us etc. The Day itself was accompanied with a huge paella of course and ice cold beverages on the beach for all. These events you never forget, and I am sure the passengers had the weekend of their life as well. I remember one journalist asked me the silliest question: Nick why do you organise these things? I just said: to end up in heaven. He didn’t understand what was just achieved…

At DOYOUWANNA, we have professional paragliding guiding experience in the region of Alicante for more than 12 years