Title: Staying in with Star & Ashlee

Hi all, normally we would be writing about somewhere fun we have been whilst Out and About, however due to the necessary “Stay at Home” rules we thought we would share how we have been coping with being in lockdown.

This unique situation has meant that Ashlee and I have had some really good discussions about the importance of hand washing, social distancing and how this particular virus “works”. We have also talked a lot about our worries and fears about the situation and how those around us and family back in the UK might be affected.

Like the rest of us, Ashlee has also been scared about whether anyone we know will get the virus and if they will be ok. I have talked to her openly and honestly about the situation but emphasised that the majority of people who get the virus will be ok. One of the nice things that has happened is lots more virtual contact with our friends and family via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp video calls. This has helped a lot and Ashlee has especially enjoying chatting and dancing with her cousin virtually.

Ashlee has also had to do work from school which has been a little challenging for me as the subjects are Maths, Spanish Language, Valencian Language and Natural Science, which is also in Valencian! So, in order to help with the stress we’ve been doing some other fun activities.

Being a fan of crafts and making things from our recycling, Ashlee has enjoyed making virtual money boxes for our snack allowances and glue and glitter paperweights. She has also created her own word searches, puzzles and treasure hunts around the house for me to complete.

We have also played many board and card games and as big Harry Potter fans we have enjoyed working on the construction of her Hogwarts Grand Hall Lego set and continue to read the books before bed. Ashlee has also had fun doing exercises and yoga on the roof, when it hasn’t been raining.

Ashlee also loves to read David Walliams books so we were delighted when he decided to release a 15-20 minute Audio book on his website every day at 11am (UK time). As you can imagine his narrative is great and has made us laugh out loud.

As we saw the amazing performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem in Alicante we were thrilled when they announced that they would be releasing a special performance online. It featured awe inspiring moments from their shows Kurios, O and Luzia and Ashlee and I enjoyed watching it on our mobiles.

We have also had some virtual animals in the house, thanks to the 3D images on google and are looking forward to visiting some museums, zoos and aquariums around the world with online virtual tours. Especially as some are showing animal feeding times and giving special talks.

The highlight of every day happens at 1955/7:55pm when we go up to the roof or on rainy days out to the porch, and join all our neighbours applauding to show our support and appreciation of all the health, pharmacy, supermarket and other front line workers. We both really enjoy this and it really does bring a sense of solidarity, the streets might be quiet all day but at 8pm we are all there together. We were telling everyone in the UK how much it lifts your spirits and they are also applauding on Thursday evenings at 8pm to show their support of the NHS, agreeing that it really does give you a boost.

At the moment we don’t know how much longer we will have to “Stay at Home” but want to send our love to you all and hope that everyone stays safe. Together we will get through this.

Until next time,
Star & Ashlee xxx