At the beginning of last year February 2020, I released my first song ‘Could I Fall in Love Again’ written by Erick Nova. The song features on YouTube and many music platforms including Spotify. Not long after the song release and CD launch, Spain went into lockdown due to the devastating Covid 19 pandemic, which we have found ourselves adjusting our lives to. 

At the beginning of lockdown I began to work on a song written by song writer Andy Scott.  The song called Stay with Me is an acoustic love song, with a chilled out vibe.  Andy Scott and Sami Shehadeh on guitars, along with myself on vocals, recorded and produced the song with Francis Symons at Vegatable Market Recording Studios. After the recording I went on to work with NB Productions to create the music video for Stay with Me. We had a fantastic time filming the video scenes at many stunning locations in and around Gran Alacant. 

The NB Productions team captured some of their creative footage through camera and drone images.  Neil Boultby, the director has produced a beautiful video which has captured and portrayed the feelings and emotions written and sang in the song.  The song, together with the video was released onto YouTube Friday 16th April and is available to watch on this YouTube link 

It has been an amazing journey recording the song and making the video for Stay with Me and I am lucky to have been able to work and collaborate ideas with so many talented people in Gran Alacant.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the release of Stay with Me; song writer Andy Scott, electric guitarist Sami Shehadeh, backing vocals Amanda McGowan, music producer Francis Symons, film director Neil Boultby, NB Productions team Antonio Marín, Amelia Aperi Hernandez, Gabriel Numberg, César Henquin and Paco Pastor.

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Thank you

Louisa Darcy