Ho Ho Ho … Christmas lights and jingle bells, carol singers singing festive songs, shops open late and massive queues everywhere, people and celebrations all around!

How do you feel about it? Is the Christmas the same as it was when you were a child? Do you feel a change? Or not?

Let´s read some of your statements …

A: Love this time of year; it’s the time when my family gets together. Sometimes we quarrel, but you know… often it’s the wine talking and we say strange thing which are then forgotten …

B: The year has passed so quickly it’s hard to believe we are here with lot´s of things only half done! There are so many things I had planned to do!

C: I hate this time of year everything is a nightmare! People are getting way to emotional and trying to show their feelings. Most of them are totally false! When Christmas is over they go back to being same old same!

D: Oh…we always end up eating and drinking way too much, putting on weight and then starting the New Year feeling bad and trying to lose it all again!

E: I don´t know how Santa could put my Wii into the chimney without breaking it! I am really worried about that. I know he will bring it to me because I was the best boy in the world!

F: I don’t like the idea of traveling abroad just to sit around the table with my relatives. The weather is usually very cold and we feel trapped inside. I would like to stay here and see my family on warmer days if I could choose.

G: What a stomachache!! Uff these days! Feeling so heavy and sluggish!

H: We can´t travel at this time of the year because it is very expensive but we feel so alone here and don’t know what to do. We were thinking about doing something different this year … maybe inviting few friends to join us.

I: I love this time of year, dressing up and going out. It’s always better than staying at home. I can listen to the music, eat, drink and laugh with my friends. I think I feel better when I celebrate outside than at home but what should I do with my husband? He prefers to stay in and be alone!

J: I am in the Christmas play this year …
I am so excited!

Let´s make an exercise!

Can you guess the age of the ¨letters?”
This time I am not adding the ages on purpose. Put a voice to each statement. Can you see the fact that ¨the older we get, the more problems we have. ¨

The older we get, the less spontaneous we become. We have developed moral conscious. This fact make US act in relation to others… Sometimes we get Lost there, losing Contact with real own Desires and hopes.

Here is your present from me this Christmas… follow these steps:
1. Put some nice music on or perhaps choose complete silence

2. Think about yourself doing something you really enjoy

3. Give yourself a present related to that emotion

4. Now share it!!! … Where is the one or them you want to share it with?

May be you never thought about that person before … or maybe it’s the same person as always and you realize how important they are for you! Either way let them know it!

Perhaps there is or are some special people you want to spend your time with but never find the way. Make your ¨Christmas corner”…your “special” Christmas corner, your “special magic” Christmas corner … and let it be different this year!

This present can´t be touched but must felt. Can you “feel” this Christmas present?

Remember, Christmas isn’t’ a SEASON it’s a FEELING.