Roadtrip Iran april 2016

Once again we were in Iran with our paragliders.

Iran, may I call it Persia, has one of the most helpful, most genuine people you will ever meet on the planet.
Visiting their country, flying their hills, eating their delicious food, walking in their towns and parks, all is a constant invitation to feel good.
Everywhere you go there is a helping hand, a smile, a wave, a chat, and never ever being pushy.

And this for a country which has been sold for decades by the western media as the ultimate enemy state …..

We did go, for the second time in 6 months to its people, to fly our paragliders and meet the Persians.

Iran is a huge country. This time we skipped Teheran, and flew into Esfehan, and made our way to
Shiraz and Yazd, to make the most of the flying in the April.

In Esfehan we flew Rokh, a 2300 m high take off, from where the main XC routes are done. present record of 350 Km XC flights have been done by Iranean pilots.

Shiraz, historically famous for its wine, welcomed us as the known happy town of Iran. On this trip we flew Sadra. Previous trip we flew Dasht Arjan and Kotal nearby.

Yazd, most interesting old city flying the nearby dunes in the desert.

And in between, many visits, nature, culture, history, after all you are in Persia, the cradle of civilization. Necropolis, Persepolis, shrine of ZaratHustra, ancient Mosques etc.etc….

We are back home now, with the wish to visit Persia again, in November 2016 it will be.

Thanks to the people of Iran, for never feeling out of our comfort zone and being so welcomed and safe.

Paragliding for us is our favourite way to explore new countries and meet the people.road

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