Who Are We?
Regal Removals Ltd is a family business, run by husband and wife team Russell and Lizzy. Regal Removals are based in Kent with strong connections to the Costa Calida. We have over 10 years’ experience of removals to and from Spain and offer a dedicated and personal service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work because our customers are our priority and so is our reputation.

Packing Advice
We understand that moving can be a stressful and busy time but the more you can prepare the smoother your move will be…
Packing is all important, not only will good packing protect your items it will also save space and cost you less money! For example, if you have garden pots put them in sturdy boxes and pack around them with polystyrene chips or old newspapers, seal the top of the box so that they can be stacked and therefore will not take up valuable space on the floor of the truck. The same is true for televisions, vacuum cleaners, lamps to name a few.

Always try and use appropriate boxes, they can be ordered online at very reasonable prices and come in packs of uniform sizes that are easy to stack. We would suggest smaller boxes for books, CD’s, crockery and other heavy items. For clothes, and kitchenware we recommend medium sized boxes or hanging garment boxes, these are even better as it saves on ironing when you unpack. Large boxes are ideal for fragile and lighter items such as pillows, duvets and lamps etc.

Selecting Your Removal Company
There are vital things to consider when selecting your removals company as well as price and availability.

Being legal is not just about paying tax it is also about complying with strict transport legislation. Regal Removals Ltd are proud to have an International Operators licence (European Community Licence). Operator licencing is necessary for any trade or business vehicles exceeding 3500kg including trailers. When comparing your quotes check the company has a European Community Licence to ensure your goods are being transported legally.

Regal Removals Ltd operates a 7.5 tonne lorry with 30 cubic metre capacity. We chose this truck because it is an ideal size vehicle for a full house move. It has twice the volume of a standard Luton Van and up to 4 times the weight allowance so we never travel with our vehicle overloaded.

Russell is a qualified transport manager and has an in-depth understanding of all the necessary paperwork and documentation required by the authorities.
Of course, we have Goods in Transit insurance but have never had to make a claim for any damage. Our priority is to transport your belongings safely and securely and this is supported by our positive online reviews.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers that have used us in the past.

If you want any advice regarding removals feel free to contact us.