The pandemic seems to be more and more under control, and this means we will probably be able to travel. For this reason, we would like to remind some things:

An EU Pet Passport is required for travelling to any EU country in case of dogs, cats and ferrets. British Pet Passport at this moment is only valid at the UK. We can keep both passports in order to prove our pet has been vaccinated, but your pet will require an EU Pet Passport for returning to Spain.

If you choose to fly, Iberia (Spanish airlines) has a phone number (901111500) for additional info about the requirements for travelling with the pet in the cabin or in the hold. For example, there is a list of breeds, such as potentially dangerous breeds or brachycephalic ones, which cannot travel in the hold at all, and in the cabin only if they are small enough.

Travel Certificate is still necessary; the same way it was before Brexit.

Make sure if transportation company or the lodging place have “extra” requirements for pets.

So far, investigations for NcOV-19 vaccines in animals are not finished, so it’s not available and it’s not mandatory. We must remark once again that pets are not NCoV-19 vectors and are not a risk for people that live with them.

We noticed these last weeks a growing number of cases of fake treatments for animals, especially false flea collars purchased via internet. It’s just impossible that a complete flea & tick & mosquito collar which lasts for 7-8 months is worth €10. Medicines and anti parasitic treatments must be bought in authorized places, and selling medicines in the Internet, so far, is forbidden. We can purchase food, harnesses, bowls, toys, pet carriers, shampoos, but not antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormones or anti parasitic treatments. The risk of being cheated is even bigger if the collar looks lighter of softer than the “normal” one, or if the medicine doesn’t have a batch number or an expiration date. The best case scenario would be the medicine doesn’t work but at least doesn’t harm the animal. The worst case would be a serious damage to the pet or the owner.

This year we are expecting to enjoy the dogs beach with no complications. Let’s don’t forget the dogs vaccines must be updated, otherwise it won’t be allowed to get to the beach.

Liliana Aldeguer Cerdán col 793

English translation by Sergio Reina Esteban col 747