Finally! Summer is on its way. It is now time to enjoy the sun. It is also the perfect time to prepare your body before summer actually kicks in!

Time to Relax

Now days are a lot longer, people tend to be cheerful, in high spirits and a bit idle too. This idleness can be a positive thing and at certain times of day we can indulge in it. Being at peace and feeling relaxed lets the mind to slow down, stop racing and concentrate. Whenever you feel exhausted or snowed under, take a deep breath and it will surely calm you down.

Shape up

Begin by having a daily exercise routine. It is crucial to be active and mobile as winter is normally spent sitting on couches and watching telly with a packet of crisps to nibble. Start your regime at home with a simple workout then go outside to exercise. Should you wish to lose the extra pounds that you gained during wintertime, you should have an exercise routine to follow. Prepare your body for the summer by having a year-round exercise regime and another is to use this routine and enhance it by adding something new.

Something New

The nice weather creates that feeling of being inspired, productive and adventurous. It would be ideal to record your progress when beginning a new challenge so you are inspired as you set out to reach your target. Whether it is a new personal best in jogging or amazing yourselves by fighting your fears and engaging in a new activity, this is a good idea to keep motivated and alert. Why not to try pilates class with Gabriela Auzoberria at Santara Resort. She is a fully qualified instructor and the first session is FREE. What have you got to lose?

Getting rid of embarrassing body hair

Having unwanted hair may prevent you from flaunting your body during the summer season. That is why it is best to get rid of them so nothing can stop you from wearing summer clothes. To do this, you may try temporary methods such as shaving, waxing or threading of the hair. This is a perfect opportunity to get yourself booked at QfB salon and make use of their special offer on waxing this month.


Winter weather can cause dead skin. Hence, it is best to get rid of them by scrubbing your body to peel them off. It won’t only keep your skin looking young but it will also stop any ingrown hair and keep your tan for a longer period of time.

Get a tan

Many people aspire to have a great tan in the summer. Instead of making yourself tan under the sun, it is better to try using products that will give you the perfect summer tan look. It is common knowledge nowadays that too much exposure to the sun is not good for one’s skin and health. Apply sunscreen and use tan sprays and creams for that ideal summer radiance. Apart from getting our daily dose of Vitamin D or healthy tan, it is very important that we keep safe. Moisturise well before applying any tanning product and wash hands thoroughly afterwards.

Summer Beauty

Part of our body that gets a lot of abuse during the summer period is our hair and skin. We tend to forget that they easily dry out due to sun exposure and salt-water damage. Pamper yourself with your own spa for hair and skin and enjoy making awesome products from natural ingredients. Gaby my style salon on Avda.Escandinavia offers a full range of top quality REDKEN products to protect your hair this summer.

Healthy Diet

It is important to keep your body hydrated during the summer time. It is vital to drink plenty of water. You can also make hydrating more delectable by creating flavoured water at home. Food with high water content like cucumber, watermelon and other fresh and seasonal produce are in abundance, which we can add in our diet. You can read more about the importance of keeping hydrated in Rachel’s Peas&Love article. Whether you like it or not, you eat a lot during winter period since you spend most of your time indoors. That is why it is high time to say au revoir to the unhealthy junk food and include organic food to your meal. To feel lighter, eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Summer can be harmful on your skin and body so it is advisable to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and moisturised. It is also a key element in toning up your body and breaking down one’s body fat. In fact, water has endless benefits.

Time to Change

One thing that is permanent in life is change. As seasons change, we should change as well. This is the right time to adjust not only what we wear but also the places we spend most of our time in. Try to de-clutter and give away items or clothes that you do not use or wear in the previous year. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, visualise the end result and if it doesn’t match the vision, then it is time to part with it. Easy Horse Care charity shop on Calle Holanda (beside Dialprix) will appreciate all your donations.You will not only de-clutter your wardrobe but you will also be helping a good cause.

Create Memories

Think of summer and one will often think of holidays. All year round, we spend our time looking forward to a little extra moment spend with our loved ones. Taking photographs and selfies should not be enough. Have a box for all your souvenirs or keepsakes and save the precious memories you’ll want to reminisce later on.