Pets in Spain are looking for more people to go on their animal foster carer register.

Pet lovers who give homeless animals temporary shelter until they find permanent homes are known as foster carers. The process is typically an emotionally rewarding one for the foster family and a valuable experience for the animals as they learn basic social skills they otherwise wouldn’t gain by living in a shelter with minimal human interaction.

We need more people in the La Marina and surrounding areas willing to open up their homes to dogs and cats looking for a fresh start in life.

Fostering often suits people who are unable to own their own pet either for financial or lifestyle reasons. The charity supplies all food and veterinary costs for the pet.

Fostering can be from a few nights to several months and it can transform a pet’s behaviour.
You may be wondering what the benefits of fostering are.

For the dog or cat they are obvious. The safety of a home. The warmth of a bed. The touch of a hand. The love of a human carer. But what does the fosterer gain from the experience?

Our foster carers are highly valued members of our volunteer group. They provide a service that many people are not in a position to, and we work hard to ensure they feel appreciated and supported. For the carer there is the knowledge that they have helped saved a life, and in doing so freed a space for another pet to be saved. It’s a heart warming experience to watch a pet develop and grow in confidence, to learn to trust, to regain health and fitness, and to learn some of those essential skills of socialisation and training. And isn’t it amazing that it’s down to the carer that all this happens?

If you think you may be able to help us to become an animal foster carer please call us on 645 469 253. or message us on our Facebook page Pets in Spain.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team.