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                  Pen Farthing, a British ex-soldier and creator of an animal shelter inAfghanistan, doesn’t want to leave the country without his team, which includes the first Afghan female Veterinary surgeons.

                  One of the consequences of the critical situation in Afghanistan is thousands of people trying to escape due to Taliban menace. Everybody is trying to find the quickest way to escape, but there are also some exceptions: for example Pen Farthing, founder of Nowzad Animal Shelter, who has declined to leave the country if his team, which includes several male and female Vets, is not rescued with him.

                  Farthing applied British Government to rescue the 25 members of Nowzad team, in which practice learned the profession the first Afghan female Vets. This is the main reason of Farthing perseverance.

                  “What can you tell to somebody who is probably going to be forced to marry a Taliban mujahedeen, to be imprisoned at home for life just to cook and raise children from anybody who hates?” Farthing said to BBC.

                  Farthing claimed Boris Johnson’s Government via Facebook from Afghanistan to help them, and the matter was treated as an emergency at British Parliament, where member of Parliament Sara Britcliffe introduced the matter of Farthing and his team repatriation, and Prime Minister declared he would try to help Farthing as much as he could.

                  Some British Vets have created VetPartners, a group of Veterinary surgeons, and they have offered a job to all members of Nowzad team immediately they arrive to the UK. VetPartners have started via 160 of its members, a fundraising in order to help Farthing and his male and female Veterinary partners.

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