Hi, I’m Jemma…

I share what I continue to learn from animals through my work as a volunteer with them at www.satanimalrescue.com and at

This month I am pleased to share with you that the new shop in Gran Alacant has opened to a good start . We had a lovely Open Day with a visit from some of the dogs from SATs, Bobbie’ s two and my two. Customers enjoyed a glass of wine , soft drink and snacks. Thankyou everyone who visited, purchased, offered their help and supported the opening, especially to all our new volunteers. In the shop we have pictures of all the dogs hoping to find new homes so please if you are thinking of a long term new member to your family pop in and have a look. Also keep bringing in your donations, we are also taking ítems of furniture, which we can arrange to collect from you. We also have a lovely collection of clothes donated by local Finish designer all handmade, upcycled, recycled and one of a kind. You will never see anyone wearing the same dress as yours! Muchas Gracias a todo.

While walking the dogs this week I have been observing again how they move when they walk. The dogs that are well, happy, relaxed and not elderly or infirm have the most lovely free flowing, wave like movement with the spinal chord flexing almost like a snake moving. I know from my yoga training and practice that the spinal chord ultimately governs all our body movements and functions, and that it is vital to keep it flexible and moving, so that the spinal fluids do not become stagnant and sticky. Hence yoga and stretching exercises have become so important. So if you can, try to do gentle forward and back bends, cat and dog stretches, pelvic circles and any movements that encourage free movement of the spine every day or on a regular basis to help maintain good physical health. My understanding is that flexibility of the spine, and of the body in general helps encourage flexibility of the emotions, mind and spirit. With greater flexibity in these areas we can better navigate life’s ups and downs, access greater levels of creativity and understanding of the world at large, make new and different responses to things that happen to us and maybe, access a more expanded and diverse life experience.

When horses are not eating, playing, rolling or moving around they are mutually grooming. This week at Easyhorsecare I have been watching them do this, and this is such a beautiful thing thing to do. How easily they relax and surrender to this sharing of affection, which helps connect them to each other, release stress, give enjoyment, satisfy itch cravings and, apparently also helps release hormones. I think how lovely it is to have my hair washed and brushed by another, to be gently ticked with a feather, to have a massage or reflexology, to hug and hold another, to touch or be touched gently when sharing painful experiences, to roll my own back on a textured mat, to sit in a spa. …this month maybe contemplate on how you nurture yourself and others, for both are equally important.. this helps you connect more to yourself and to others , and I’m sure too this helps release positive chemicals and hormones in our bodies, so vital to retaining good health. And how precious that is …

Please get in touch with SAT or Easy Horse if you are interested in volunteering in any way. Jemma x