FRIDAY LEAGUE – Friday 23rd April

As bowling still has restrictions we have decided to run in-house competitions on Mondays and Fridays, over six weeks. The winners will be announced after the last matches. The first Friday League was Saint Georges day so everyone wore something red. It was a very enjoyable mornings bowling, followed by lunch and drinks at Maritas Kitchen.

CHICKEN RUN – Sunday 25th April

Although the numbers are still restricted everyone who put their name down had a game. We played eighteen ends with a

break after nine. The chickens were won by Sheila Roberts and Neil Crawford and the eggs by Desiree Williams and Jim Shearing. Thank you to June and Ronnie who donated the chickens and Julia and Ian for donating the eggs. The football card was won by Jack Burrell with West Brom.


Friday 1st May Day Mayham

We had a fun competition played over eighteen ends with a break after nine ends for refreshments. The first nine ends the mat was placed on the tee and the jack was delivered to  different lengths. The second nine ends the mat was placed at different lengths and the jack was placed on the tee. It did cause a bit of confusion but everyone enjoyed themselves. The winning team all ladies was Jan Soars, Sue Boumds and Skip Cindy Bedford well done girls!!!! After the bowling Bernardo and his staff did a very enjoyable buffet in the Rincon.

RACE AFTERNOON – Thursday 6th May

Dunbars organised a race afternoon for the club which included a two course dinner. Everyone who attended enjoyed a fun afternoon some winning more than others!!! There was plenty of cheering from the audience encouraging the horses or greyhounds they had backed. After the racing Mandy served a enjoyable two course meal with a drink. Thank you to Kevin and Anthony for the racing, a big thank you to Dunbars for the kind donation to the Bowls Club. 

QUIZ – Friday 14th May

After a few requests from members we decided to have a quiz on Fridays after bowling. Ian Hamilton agreed to organise the quiz questions, he did a very good job. The result was a draw so two teams shared the prize. As the quiz was successful we will be having a quiz every Friday after bowling commencing around 1.45pm.


The next social event will be at Casa Lisa, Santa Pola on 20th June. They will be a coach available, anyone interested there is a list on the Social Events Board at the club. For further social events please check on Facebook Friends of Monte Mar or at the Bowls Club.

Chicken run

We will be holding a table top sale on 

27th of June.