Sunday 27th August

Another successful chicken run once again as it was still hot we only played sixteen ends with a break after eight. The winners of the chickens were Julia Hamilton with twenty points and Chris Harding with nineteen points. The winners of the eggs were Jan Parker and Colin Bedford. Thank you to Pauline and Chris Merry who donated the chickens, Julia and Ian who donated the eggs and the chickens who laid them. The winner of the football card was John Hunt the team was Leicester.


September 9th and 10th 

Twenty four members took part in the two day trips competition. Each team played four games of nine ends over the two days. We had a break between games for refreshments we also enjoyed savouries and cakes made by members of the club. On each day before the competition started we had a spider the winners were David Eades and Steve Leatherland well done to you both. The winning team was Lynne Armitage, Steve Leatherland skip Phil Goble and the runners up were Rita Towle, Tony Kershaw skip Barry Watson well done everyone. The football cards were won by Phil with Liverpool and Lyne with Blackburn. Thank you Cindy for organising the competition and to all  who made cakes and savouries, also Sue and Les who maned the control desk. 

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