Sunday 19th May
Another successful chicken run, once again we played five rinks of trips and one rink of pairs. The chickens were won by Diane Horsington with twenty four shots and Colin Bedford with twenty five shots. Jan Soars and Neil (a new member) won the eggs. Thanks to Diane Horsington and John Hunt who donated the chickens, Julia and Ian Hamilton who donated the eggs with the help of the chickens of course. David Eades won the football card with Bolton. Chris thanked Joan, Sue and Howie for organising the chicken run, 230€ was raised for the club well done everyone!


Saturday 25th and 26th May
Twenty four members and friends from Indalo Bowls Club arrived on Saturday 25th May. We played the first game on Saturday afternoon six rinks of rinks, we won on four rinks and the shots. After the game we enjoyed a few drinks and a chat. In the evening fifty eight of us enjoyed a meal and a few drinks at Gran Mundo restaurant. On the Sunday morning we played the second game of rinks, it was a friendly and competitive game both teams winning on three rinks. As we had the shots advantage we won the trophy. The football cards were won by Issy (from Indalo) with Celtic and Keith Young with Sunderland. It was a very enjoyable weekend we hope all the members and friends from Indalo Bowls Club enjoyed the weekend as much as we did.


Thursday 13th June
Twenty four members took part in the popular drawn Aussie pairs Competition. We played eighteen ends with a break after nine ends, the result was based on the most shots per couple. The winners were Joan Harding and Barry Watson with twenty six shots and the runners-up were Gina Hindle and Rod Chamberlain with twenty four shots. The spider played after the break was won by David Eades. After the presentation we all enjoyed lunch at Jame’s Bar.

Thank you to all who took part and made it another very successful Club competition.

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