Some good news!  Club members who contracted the Covid Virus in January have all made a full recovery or are almost fully recovered.  We wish them well and hope everyone else stays safe. We hope that after the next review on 1st March the situation will have improved and we can look forward to bowling again and enjoy social events.  Our Social Committee will be ready to spring into action as soon as possible. 

It is unlikely we will be playing other Clubs in the leagues before the end of the summer.  As soon as possible, we will recommence internal competitions. However, this will require a big clean up before we can start bowling, so be ready with your rubber gloves!  Enjoy the rest before the Club jumps back to life again. In the meantime, take care. 

Chris Harding (Chairman) 

For further information about Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club check out our website www.montemarbowls  or email us at We are also on Facebook. 

As we have been unable to bowl, I thought I would recall past competitions and social events with some photos.