Monte Mar Bowls and Social Club

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The end of month chicken run was a great success. Forty two members took part the best attendance to date. The chickens were won by Sheila Roberts and Ron Campbell the eggs by Sue Bounds and Brian Kingdom. A big thank you to all that took part.

The chickens were donated by Dave and Kay Thomas and the eggs by Joan and Chris Harding.


Visiting teams

Friday 6th we welcomed our first team form Basingstoke Bowling Club from Hampshire. Our visitors enjoyed the hot sunny weather and a most enjoyable mornings bowling with the result not been important. Following the match we all enjoyed drinks together followed by a light lunch. All to soon it was time to bid our new friends fare well with best wishes for the rest of there tour.

Saturday 7th we welcomed Campsie Bowling Club from Glasgow. Rain was forecast but fortunately it was just a few odd showers. After a competitive match which everyone enjoyed, welcome refreshments were enjoyed at LoungeD who also arranged refreshments when the visitors first arrived? A big thank you to Lou and Ged.

Tuesday 10th as promised after last years visit Penarth Bowls Club from Wales arrived. Once again we had a very enjoyable mornings bowling. All Monte Mar members were presented with a pin of the Welsh dragon. Following the match we all enjoyed lunch, drinks and plenty of laughter.


Monday 9th we held our first quiz night which will be held every Monday during the winter months. The quiz was held in the LoungeD bar a big thank you to Lou and Ged for their support. All members who attended confirmed they had a very enjoyable evening, thanks to our quizmaster Dave Melville.


Wednesday October 11th

Our first game did not go as planned against a very strong San Miguel team. Two very close rinks but in the end losing on all but one. Well done to Jean Chamberline, Denise Ashberry, Howie Williams and Ronnie Cairns

Shots Monte Mar 77 – 96 San Miguel

Points Monte Mar 2 – 10 San Miguel

Friday October 13th

Monte Mar Toreadors v Quesada Swans

A lovely morning greeted both teams for the first game of the new season. What a great start for the Toreadors winning on all six rinks, no easy feat against any team from Quesada.

Too many winners to name them all so congratulations to everyone who performed so well on the day. Only another seventeen matches to keep this up Toreadors!!!!

Monte Mar Matadors v Mazarron Miners.

The first game of the season for the Matadors ended in each team winning three

rinks. Well done to to the winning rinks of Lynne Armitaeg, Bill Judd and skip Colin Armitage. Keith Simpson, Mike Farrelly and skip Dave Melville. Jan Webster Bill Webster and skip Bill Young.

Shots Monte Mar 84 – 111 Mazarron.

Points Monte Mar 4 – 10 Mazzarron.

Monday October 16th

Monte Mar Toreadors v Quesada Diamonds

A good mornings bowling on a lovely October day from both teams. All matches were very competitive with very close outcomes. The Toreadors just edged in front winning on three rinks and losing on two with one drawn rink. Well done to the winning rinks of Sue Bounds, Joe and Diane Ridley. Sheila Roberts, John Hunt and Joan Harding. Jan Soars, Chris Harding and Mick Soars. The drawing rink of Wendy Sheriden, Les Bounds and Iain Sheriden.

Shots Monte Mar 100 – 90 Quesada

Points Monte Mar 9 – 5 Quesada

Monte Mar Matadors v Quesada Pearls

Unfortunately not a very good day for the Matadors losing on all rinks at Quesada.

Shots Monte Mar 64 – 161 Quesada

Points Monte Mar 0 – 14 Quesada

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