Today is time to take a look at the HAPPINESS.

What is it?

Is it something with shape?

Can you touch it?

The car manufacturer Renault tells us that we have to go ¨beyond limits” and the company uses strong and dedicated people to sell their cars. Why? Because there is a lot of extraordinary people out there trying to go beyond limits and they need that social ACTIVE brand to sell the car. They promise happiness because by buying the car, these people will actually go through whatever and feel stronger as a consequence. Reach HAPPINESS BY DRIVING IT by going further and further, from one point to another!

Electronic gadgets of all sorts such as mobiles, computers, phones, apps etc … all of them are making you feel something, being in contact with whatever you can imagine, without storing, without ¨reality¨. You can gain new EXPERIENCES by pressing parts of the screen or by gently sliding your fingers across it … isn´t it amazing?

Think about daily cosmetic products like perfumes, soaps, creams etc … what are they selling? They are selling EXPERIENCE (freshness, scents, sensations). Why? Because nowadays human beings are realizing that it’s not the THINGS themselves that make us happy. It is the EXPERIENCE that comes out of them that makes us HAPPY!
World has developed to such a point, that we are not collecting things anymore; we are collecting EXPERIENCES…Think about it!!!

NOTHING lasts FOREVER is a new motto nowadays!

This change of universal mind comes with changes in all aspects of our lives:

PARTNERS: not that long ago, the marriage was typically between a man and a woman while nowadays there are a wide variety of sexual options. Kids have always played an important part in life. Now the importance is the same, but there are new ways of conception, adoptions and the concepts are different. Family in itself still seems a solid structure but is it exactly the same?

WORK: just a decade ago we chose our career path, studied for qualifications and then got a job based on our studies. What happens now? Nowadays, we have to study and specialize more and more to look for a kind of precious hole for you.

KIDS: with these latest’s changes, kids are just a projection. We are asking them to learn things they see as useless and serving no purpose. We ask them study old histories, and learn how to work out difficult arithmetic formulas. They don´t see the point because they all have calculators, and further more … they have an access to internet on their computers and mobile phones that can provide them with all the information they need. They can do most of the things they want to, without having to have the knowledge to CREATE them. We are all attached to TECHNOLOGY… as a consequence we are becoming less and less creative …

So, I feel I have a COMPROMISE from my little “Mirror Corner”
Summer is at the countdown, so my proposal is to make ¨CREATIVE EXPERIENCES”. Make a COMPROMISE for the rest of the work or study year. In every month ahead of you, make a new proposal. The aim is to keep the sense of “ belonging” to the family, to the nature and to yourself.

You can message me to see how it goes … if you like it or if you don’t.

1) CREATE A NEW MOMENT WITH THE YOU LOVE: with family, friends etc. It can an be a simple drink while watching the sun go down, trying to cook a new recipe, scheduling a walk together or going for a bicycle ride, seeing a new movie, joining new fitness class etc … Share your ideas and drop me an email to inspire others! (email:

2) DESIGN A DIFFERENT CORNER AT WORK: just for you! Hang few new pictures that inspire you or get a new plant for your desk. If you can´t make any physical changes, then make a change in your work routine. Make a change that makes you happy!

3) MAKE TIME FOR A ¨CAR TALK¨, “ICE CREAM” TALK OR COSY “TEA TALK” WITH YOUR KIDS … Make sure to find time to do this at least every 7- 8 days … create an atmosphere where you can play a “friend-role” and become their friend rather than a parent for some time.

Dear readers, I would be delighted to hear from you. Tell me about your feelings, about your new ACTIONS and new EXPERIENCES. We can make this change together and take the best out of this experience! Email: or visit my website:

Until next month,

Bea x