Dear readers,

This corner will be devoted to give you some help and emotional support. Using a well known psychological tool called “projection” I will hope to achieve this.

Others expressing their feelings and situations seems to be one of the best ways to have a truly good look “inside” ourselves. To do this mechanism of empathy and projection (basic human emotional defence) we can create, recreate, build and rebuild different points of view about different situations. We grow on this basis.

My proposal is for you to bring me different, real situations that can have an impact on our everyday lives, and that may also be an interesting topic to others. I encourage you to take an active part and bring me situations, ask me questions or some possible suggestions, even a consultation if required. This way we are all co-operating together in “mirror corners” to make it work for our own benefits and interests.

This information from yourselves will all be kept in the strictest confidentiality, names, emails, telephone numbers will not appear, you can even leave it simply as ‘anonymous’ for ease.


If you have never been to visit a Psychologist before you may ask yourself some different questions and have “Fantasies “about what it involves. For example:

• Do I need a Psychologist?
• Do I need to tell them everything?
• How long does it take to recover?
• I am ashamed!
• I don’t know how to explain what is happening to me?

If you are ever asking yourself any questions like these ones, yaou would benefit with a therapy process. Just look for someone professional, there is always an official list of psychologists and that way you would know you would be in good hands.

If only putting into words was the problem, it has a positive effect in terms of emotions and sense of release, but you can go further than this. Life is a whole sequence, and you are the ¨main actor¨. You have your own characteristics, ways of functioning, and facing events (Defences), belief (fantasies) etc. There is a song that says, “I am what I am” (Identification) but let me tell you one thing “you are what you think you are” (Identifications, Fantasies and Defences). If you can start thinking about this fact, you can be part of one of the most beneficial experiences of life, THE PROCESS OF THERAPY.

The Psychologist has the responsibility of listening, finding out WHO it is talking, why he or she feels that experience, it could be… studying, waiting, asking, speaking, feeling with empathy? they then leave aside his or her personal feelings, but nevertheless, they are supposed to use that energy to get into his or her Science Knowledge. Also, Experience IS important to make the proper psychological strategy “tailor-made” for that ONE that is in front of him or her. As far as “ME” is concerned, it is not only a mental and emotional (sometimes spiritual) experience, but it also the body that takes part in the process. Owing to my ten years of experience in Psychoanalysis and Gestalt Experiences the body plays an Important role. The Cognitive-Conductual approach (Psychological Tool that I studied, appreciated and have been using for over ten years), DRAWING INPUTS AND OUTPUTS, finding ways to get into deeper and very rich experiences that may have a lot of things for us to work on, and then to reach the deepest place. It is a spiral where I am always ¨asking for permission¨, and it is magical when we can get together. There is always FREEDOM waiting for US.

When this Phenomenon takes place (thanks to the “Transfer” – which I will explain in a later issue), and happens, not only you, but also your family, neighbours and friends get that ¨extra bonus´ from you. Don´t think this is magic, after all ¨Rome wasn´t built in a day¨. It takes battles, some wars, and can take years in some cases (two, or three, depending on the many factors) but at the end it is well deserved. I am not saying that only by getting into the depths you benefit from Therapy, I am establishing the ways of working. As soon as you start to handle different ways of facing different ¨problems¨, you and the people around you can feel something different, more positive starting to happen.

It is a way of LEARNING, once you recognize yourself, your way of facing things, from where they came from etc; you start to make different choices. You start to be free in many ways. In some ways you start to eliminate that “CONDUCTUAL AUTHOMATISM”, for a healthier, more positive and quite different choice. Your loved ones, and even “non- loved ones”, may have started to feel that something is changing for the benefit of everybody around you.

To cut a long story short, I have decided to bring you normal situations, where most of you can see yourselves, this is called “projection”, and also I would like to try and give you some ways on how you can handle them, some advice using the “ Cognitive-Conduction” point of view .
I would love for you to suggest to me some topics you want to know about, for sure I will have had some real topics related to it during my past work history, I have twenty years of folders to investigate. You can ask me any questions, and I will give you my contribution in the form of suggestion, hoping it can help you.
I feel, first things need to be explained first, thus being why I have devoted my first writing to you to being about the “MEANING OF THERAPY”, otherwise, this column wouldn’t differ from a column written in any gossip magazine out there.

I am very pleased to create this new communication space among us. I think it will be useful for all of us, enriching YOU and ME.

So. Let’s go and see “WHAT´S UP”

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