No doubt like the rest of the community we were delighted to reach Phase One of the lock down. We had previously been advised by the police at Santa Pola that once Phase One was implemented we could start to bowl again provided we conformed to all the regulations and health safeguards.
In recent days members have been busy ensuring that all the safety regulations were in place and that they would work effectively. This will mean members on a controlled basis can undertake some much needed practice this will hopefully be extended when Phase Two is reached. Following which we can then start planning the league campaigns, which hopefully will get underway at the end of September as normal. We recognise that being fully operational is a few months away but at least now we can start looking to the future.

During the lock down our online weekly Quiz organised by Dave has continued to grow with more than sixty participants each week.
In the near future our Social Sub Committee will review our social programme for the rest of the year and consider if any of the events cancelled can be reinstated.

We must continue to follow the guidelines of each stage as we come out of lock down to ensure we stay safe, and we will reap the benefits of returning to a degree of normality.
Chris Harding Chairman

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