The M.AB.S. Winter Wonderland show held in the American Rock Bar in the GA Centre was once again a huge success, in spite of the long awaited snow machine breaking down after the opening night! The fun and laughter did not freeze up but melted into reels of laughter with the fun, loving and daring M.A.B.S. lads and Dominic the Christmas donkey who played the audience up. The singers and the dancers in their colourful costumes sponsored by Aquarius Restaurant lit the Christmas spirit all through the show. Thanks to wonderful crowds every night who once again gave us all standing ovations which we can claim made another M.A.B.S. event go down in history. The grand sum of 2, 944 euros was raised over the four nights. With the help of Margaret and Ian Smith, the printer Bill for the tickets and the helpers at the door, the ladies in the dressing rooms and our very special new make up artist Mary and all the newbies who were thrown in at the deep end. Thank you all who took part and all our wonderful supporters that make all the teams’ hard work so very worthwhile.

Thank you all so much. Jean x