We went to the Gran Alacant panto on the 14th end of year show organised and produced by Jean Reiterbund. All of the shows and many many more fundraising activities by Jean have raised so much money over the years as she has been the major fund-raiser in the area for her MABS Cancer Support Fund.

As I have been the MABS treasurer since March doing the accounts for Jean and MABS, the 4 evenings of panto raised the fabulous sum of 3,336 euros so far, and donations are still coming in from the booby girls at the panto.

The total that Jean has raised so far since 20 March 2018 now stands at €6,687.00

Angie and Mac at Aquarius Restaurant, Carabassi Centre, sponsored the costumes and props. Kevin Tierney who did a grand job as compère was sponsored by the Belfry restaurant in MASA Square. Make up was expertly created by Mary Lambeth and Susan Roberts was on hand to do any needlework needed on the costumes. The Pub, The Phoenix restaurant and Jacqui Canale (Reiki Room) donated raffle prizes.Jean has dedicated her time here on Gran Alacant to help others, and has been totally tireless in the raising of this money, year after year for 14 years. Hours and hours of her time are taken up to helping raise these massively important funds.

Barry and Sandra Lane M.A.B.S. Treasures