Dear Editor,

Despite Jean Reiterbund, who is the MABS official fundraiser for Gran Alacant and has been for many years, having had a letter published in your excellent paper, she is still having problems with nasty minded people who unfortunately reside in Gran Alacant.

There are two persons in particular, who have resided for many years in GA, who are known to me but of course I am unable to name them for obvious reasons. But, I do not see why Jean and her team must put up with innuendos of monies being misappropriated either by her and team or the MABS board.

This Group has been in existence for 17 years and all our accounts are audited each year (January – December) by a person with no connection with MABS. Statements of Accounts are prepared and these are available to anyone who cares to ask for them. These accounts are sent to the Hacienda and I can assure you there have never been any queries from them to date.

It is a pity that such people do not have anything else to do but cause mischief for others. Of course they load the bullets for others who are also of similar mind to fire and step back with looks of horror on their faces when confronted. I challenge them to produce any evidence of misappropriation, that will prove me wrong and if so I will certainly take the necessary steps.

They can send the papers to me or if you agree deposit with you for checking. If they cannot do this simple thing then may I suggest they either put up or shut up once and for all.

Yours sincerely Jacquelyne Phillips MBE President, MABS