The new owners of Shooters Tony and Emma held an Hawaiian night to raise funds for the M.A.B.S. Hospice Fund. The wonderful Tony Hall played music to dance to and some brave souls ventured a song on the karaoke. Raffle prizes were donated by Shooters, vodka shots sold at 1 euro and the lively staff dressed in grass skirts donating all their tips, all for the M.A.B.S. Hospice Fund the amazing sum of 220 euros was raised.

Thank you all so much for supporting M.A.B.S. and look forward to working with you all again. Thank you, Jean


The 13th of September was a night of all nights when our very own Jimmy Mac returned from his home town in Scotland to perform for the M.A.B.S. cancer support group in the American Rock Bar in Gran Alacant. Oh what a night as the GA Centre rocked the night away to all the good songs that were ever written. Krazy Kev and Burnard Bates did a few songs while Jimmy had a wee break. The dance floor was never short of dancers. Bet some feet are acheching today, mine are! Margaret Smith sold raffle tickets and Don and Ann from Phoenix restaurant provided a meal voucher. Mary Flannigan from Oceans donated wine and other gifts were donated from supporters of Gran Alacant Hospice Fund. After performing fees the amount raised was 798€. We are always short of Raffle prizes so if you have any unwanted gifts or bottles we would be thankful. This week alone I will be doing three raffles and struggling to find nice things to raffle. Thank you everyone who supported us and Jimmy Mac. Without your support we will not be able to reach our goal for a hospice in Gran Alacant. Jimmy Mac Hurry back. Thanks everyone, Jean

Thanks everyone, Jean Reiterbund

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