I really like doing the longer rides but sometimes it is good to do a shorter easy ride just for coffee. Santa Pola is always a nice option with seaside cafes. For change of scenery you can have the coffee in Rebolledo or El Altet or Torrellano. El Rebolledo has couple of options for coffee. Los Granadinos is most frequently visited by our group. Torrellano has La Magdalena with great cakes, pastries and ice cream. El Altet has many choices but La Confeteria is definitely worth a mention. Targets acquired!

El Rebolledo is furthest of these villages or towns. If you do a nice loop you will ride through the beautiful scenery of Santa Ana. It is one of my favourite views and even without the coffee stop on El Rebolledo or Torrellano worth the ride on its own.

The easy way to navigate to Santa Ana is to head out towards Valverde and take the road Torres de Gaitan all the way to to Calle Partida where you turn left towards Elche. After a kilometre take a right turn to the overpass of the railway and join the N-340 to the right until the first roundabout. From the roundabout take the 3rd exit which takes you to Parque Industrial. Ride through the Parque Industrial and straight over the CV-86, And you have reached the Camino de Salades. There are quite a few trails on the both sides of the Salades road, so if you have a mountain bike don’t be prisoner of the road. Follow the Camino Salades all the way up for 3,6km. From the top you can see hills like Fontcalent. After you have taken in the view you start the decent. After about 1km you see a junction with a traffic island. At that junction take a hard right to Calle Sierra Ventos, be a little careful here as it is a tight right hander. Then enjoy the roller-coaster for the next few kms. Once you reach the main road through El Rebolledo (Paseo Mayor) you turn left which takes you to El Rebolledo, Los Granadinos is on the right about 50m from the junction, even though El Rebolledo is tiny I think there are around 5 cafes to choose from. After coffee you have two options, retrace your route or return to Torrellano via Cami de Xeperut. If you want to do this follow the main road towards the A-31 highway and Alicante, past the junction you arrived from. Cami de Xeperut junction is to the right just before you would join the highway (where you are not allowed to ride bicycles). This leads you on to Cami Salades Torrellano and you’re on your way home.

Distance approx. 45km. Moving time approx. 2 hours.

Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Outward Route: Balsares-Cami Salades – Calle Sierra Ventos – Rebolledo

Return Route: Cami de Xeperut – Torrellano – CV849(Airport Runway Road)-El Altet – Los Arenales-Gran Alacant.


Nice short loop 22km to El Altet could be up to Calle Cullen from Road Balsares to Valverde. Ride the road until first junction and turn right to Cami L’Altet.


You can find several weekly rides from facebook group or you can post in search for company or route. “Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (Bici Gran Alacant)” and local bike shop For Riders have events on their facebook page.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Always have something to drink with you and for a bit longer rides maybe a banana or mueslibar
  • Always have a little money if you need to stop to buy food or drink.
  • Take the phone with you.
  • And the most important. Wave to the fellow – cyclists