Hi there, hard to believe its March already, spring is on the horizon and I hope you are all over the seasonal bugs if you were unlucky enough to catch one.

For many of us, it is only the change of season that brings ailments to our lives, however, some of you live with chronic ailments daily.

In the coming issues I will be chatting about certain illnesses and hoping some of the tips in it can help some of you out there.

This month I am going to talk about arthritis.

We need our medication when dealing with chronic illnesses but there are also holistic remedies that can help manage it and keep it less dominant in our lives. Dietary and lifestyle choices can be a huge factor in our pain and small changes can make a big difference.

Many of us out there suffer from arthritis, for some the pain can come and go in flare ups (I am one of these people, the hip likes to remind me from time to time), others must deal with it constantly.
Here are some changes you can make to your life if you are living with it:


We may think they are good for us, but if we experience a flare up then it is good to avoid tomatoes, also potatoes, peppers and aubergines.

Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol. And foods made from refined white flour and sugar, like breads, pasta and pastries which are all highly acid forming, try and go for a more alkaline diet.
The same goes for cow’s milk, high-fat cheeses and red meat (and dare I say it) chocolate.
On the other hand, some foods that will benefit you are cherries, plums, blackberries (all great for getting the uric acid out the joints), pineapple which is highly anti-inflammatory.

If it’s gout you suffer then try and eat oily fish three times a week.
Eat lots of fresh green vegetables to help re-alkalize the system. Throw in a juicer and put it into little shots if you aren’t too keen on the veg.

For all that know me, you will have heard me many times harping on about ginger. Have a cup of fresh ginger tea daily, the benefits are truly amazing. The same with turmeric. 2 of my favourites! If you love curries, make sure you add these 2 ingredients along with your onions and garlic for a great anti-inflammatory bonus.

Get some seeds and if you are not sensitive to nuts, also make them part of your “daily dose” sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds are all rich in essential fatty acids which are vital for healthy joints. Hazelnuts, cashews and almonds are also great for the joints.

Glucosamine sulphate is one of the best-known supplements to help with this condition. And a B-complex is good for it. A vitamin C is also beneficial along with a good quality antioxidant formula. And if you don’t like the curries, get some turmeric capsules in your system.

A nice gentle massage on the joints using some aromatherapy anti-inflammatories has amazing benefits, if taking medication or supplements is not your thing. This will help soothe the joints and ease stiffness. If you are interested, I have loads of blends I use on different arthritic pain, feel free to ask me any questions.

Lastly, laugh…don’t let the chronic pain dominate your whole thoughts and life, I know it may be hard some days, but it is well known that the patient with the positive mindset can heal quicker than the patient who is down. So, get a good comedy on daily, or simply spend your day surrounded by people who make you smile.

A HUGE favourite mentor/author of mine that I am happy to share with you is Dr.Joe Dispenza, I have his books and read them very often, 2 of my favourites are “Evolve The Brain-The science of changing your mind” and “You Are The Placebo” for any coaches, or NLP therapists out there I am pretty sure these tools are used within your clinics, I definitely use them in mine and once that knowledge is applied its pretty hard to change the mindset back again. so, pick up the helpful books and read.

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