Lighthouse and Skywalk

The lighthouse has been a prominent feature on the top of the cliff since its construction in 1858. It was built on the site of the old Atalayola watchtower which was erected in 1552. It is well maintained and still in use today.

If you are walking from the top of Gran Alacant, you can follow the paths meandering amongst the pine trees until you reach the lighthouse (El Faro).

There are amazing views of the coast from this clifftop. On a good day you can see Calpe rock just off the coast of Benidorm and follow the coastline from there down to Guardarmar. Tabarca Island is also clearly visible from here.

However, if you continue past the lighthouse towards Santa Pola you can´t help but notice the newly constructed “Skywalk”. At a cost of €300,000 this was opened in 2015 by the Santa Pola Council. This unique 100m structure allows visitors to step out over the edge of the cliff and admire the breath-taking views of this part of the Coast. Sunsets are truly stunning here. Recently some visitors have started hanging “love locks” on the railings as a sign of their love.

If you wish to visit either of these locations by car then you need to turn off the N332 just at the top of the hill as you head back towards Gran Alacant from Santa Pola. The turn off is on the right and signposted Cabo de Santa Pola (Santa Pola Lighthouse). Follow the locally known “never ending road” until its actual end, park up and directly in front of you is the lighthouse. To the right side of the lighthouse is the skywalk.