Hi, I’m Jemma,

I conclude what I have learnt from animals through my work as a volunteer with them at www.satanimalrescue.com/
FB SAT Sociedad Protectora para Animales Dolores and at www.easyhorsecare.net / FB Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre.
Please do get in touch with either if you are interested in volunteering in any way.

Well we had a fabulous response to the SATs Charity Cabaret Evening at LoungeD on 3rd October. It was a lovely evening, with so many people, well over a hundred. We were really blessed to have Sheila and Stuart who organised the whole event for SATs and donated a hand painted framed picture for the raffle and made lovely cakes and snacks; so many talented artists who entertained for free, the gorgeous venue at LoungeD and the space of La Piazza, Lou and Ged (who made a generous donation as well as taking the photos and creating the perfect atmosphere, and the bar staff  (yes I did sneak in there somewhere!!!) who worked for free, the local businesses and people who donated raffle prizes, Bobby, George and friends who sold raffle tickets, made cakes, calendars and many other extras …

So a MASSIVE thank you to you all, and of course to all the wonderful people who came, donated, spent money and helped to make it all such a success. It made me quite emotional… And I think everyone knows by know we made 1250 euros so that was fantastic!!! Anyone who as not yet seen the photos and videos, they are inside this magazine as well as on the SAT and Gran Alacant Advertiser websites.

So as the weeks have followed the kennels reappeared from under the waters and the response from the volunteers to help with everything from cleaning, scrubbing, sorting,revamping and clearing was immense. Everyday there were different people who offered anything from their continued …. time, donations and expertise.

It was wonderful to be part of it all as people pulled together, not only to help the kennels, but also the local community…

And slowly the dogs are coming back, and new ones joining them, some from the aftermath of the disaster. But, from tears of sadness for the devastation and what had befallen the local land and kennels, has come some smiles, and tears of joy…
For at least 8 of the dogs who were in foster homes have been homed either by their kind fosters or by people who had heard of the plight of the kennels.

Two of those dogs, Tommy and Decker had been in the kennels many years and were special favourites of the volunteers (me included ) so such were the tears of sadness at saying goodbye and the smiles of happiness for their futures ahead.

So sometimes out of suffering and adversity can come good things…

The horses and donkeys have fared well on the whole, though the worst after affect has been the flies around them. I have never seen such flies and I am unsure how they are able to withstand them without going mad. I am reminded how long suffering and resilient animals can be, and wonder if we humans can learn from them …

So to continue with the theme of a tear and a smile , this month with a tear I say goodbye for now, as I journey back to the UK to spend time with my Mum, a smile within at being near her again, a tear in my eye as that time will be limited…

Meanwhile may you be blessed and grateful for the presence of animals in your life, and for the teachings that they so surely bring … Jemma x

An audience in excess of 150 enjoyed a fantastic night of entertainment at the LoungeD bar and €1250 was raised on the night and donated to the S.A.T. animal rescue centre which has been totally wrecked by the recent storms. A superb total so far! This amount also includes €130 offered in an auction for Stuart’s painting, the auction being expertly handled by Dave Melville.

The entertainers who gave their time and talent at no cost to the charity included Kim Peters, Bryan Thomas, John Williams, Ian Hamilton (Marvo the magician) and Black Diamond and the evening was compered by Stuart Swallow.
We want to thank the local businesses who donated prizes to the raffle – Joan at LoungeD, The Pub, Rogers Bar, Azafran Indian Restaurant, The Belfry, Chill-out Restaurant, Reiki Room and particular thanks to Kim at La Piazza Restaurant for their prize donation and for allowing us to use the restaurant for much needed additional seating.

Finally a big thank you to all the helpers, and the bar staff who have given their wages to charity as well as to Jan & Brian who were our treasurers and spent most of the evening counting money! Also to all those who made cakes etc which were a big hit.

We have also been informed that further cash donations have been promised.
Thanks again to everyone who attended and were so generous during the evening.
Stuart, Sheila and SAT