THE MAC WAS BACK for M.A.B.S. at Los Dados!

The Jimmy Mac party night for M.A.B.S.24th of May at LOS DADOS was certainly a night to remember as our Jimmy hit the stage with supporting acts Mr Bojangles and opera singer Paco. Playing to a packed house and everyone dancing the night away to the wee small hours. The amount raised on the night is euros 1,249 for M.A.B.S with a few donations from people who could not attend to be handed in. I will message on Facebook when this occurs. Our thanks go out to Margaret Smith who made herself dizzy going round and round selling raffle tickets and Ian Smith, Clive and Jimmy’s brother Ian – chief table movers. Without you supporting our events we would not be able to raise funds for a much needed charity. Thank you Bar Loco for your support in our hour of need also Aquarius, Shooters for the donations of wine for raffle prizes, which we had left from the last load of wine they donated and Gran Alacant advertiser for supplying the tickets. Thank you everyone, for making the event so successful.
Jean and Fiona