A day out in Jijona is a good alternative to going to the beach. Located in the mountains between Alicante and Alcoy, Jijona or Xixona in Valencian is a small town with approximately 7500 inhabitants. According to the myth, the beehives here make honey so pure and sweet that you will never taste honey like it anywhere else.
There are lots of places to visit at Jijona. It is an ancient town with charming little streets. On top of the hill beside it is the ruin of the old city castle with a stunning view of the landscape.



Jijona is famous all over Spain for its turron. It is a specialty and a type of nougat made of sugar, almonds, honey and eggs traditionally eaten during Christmas. At the outskirts of Jijona you will find the turron museum. The museum is located and maintained in the same plant which manufactures the famous “EL LOBO” and 1880 turron brands.

A guided tour in different languages is being offered by the museum. It provides a fantastic overview about the different types of sweets they have available including the two kinds of turron. These two types are the turron from Jijona which is called blando (soft) and is a tasty smooth peanut butter like sweet and the turron from Alicante termed duro (hard), which is similar to an almond nougat sweet. Makers of Turron are called Turroneros.

You will find also an exhibit of traditional and modern production methods including the packaging of the turron over the years and a very pleasant highlight, an old turron delivery Rolls Royce truck.

TURRON MUSEUM JIJONAThere is an opportunity as well to buy some of the products in the shop including turrons.

Address: Industrial Ciudad del Turron Poligono Industrial Espartal II/Ctra Bussot Km
CP 03100 Jijona, Alicante
Opening times:
From January to June:
AM: 10,00h / 10,45h / 11,30h / 12,15h / 13,00h
PM: 16,00h / 16,45h / 17,30h
23rd March-12th April: Extra pass 18,15h
From July to December:
AM: 10,00h / 10,45h / 11,30h / 12,15h / 13,00h
PM: 15,30h /16,15h / 17,00h / 17,45h / 18,30h
(*Pass 15:30 is not possible on Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays)
The museum will be closed on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Fees are applicable.

Tel No.: 965610712
Email Address: info@museodelturron.com
Web address: http://www.museodelturron.com