Hi, my name is Lynne and I have been lucky to call Gran Alacant home for the last 6 years.  People fascinate me and I love to hear about their adventures and life stories.  Over the next few months, I will be sharing some interviews with GA’s very own Superstars!

This month’s interview is with Bianca Roos.  Bianca is from the Netherlands and is a busy working mum.  She has lived in Spain for the last 10 years.

Bianca, what brought you to Gran Alacant?

“I lived in Santa Pola for the first 5 years then I had the opportunity to buy my dream home in Gran Alacant.  I fell in love with the house, the space and its ideal location.  It is perfect for my dog Bella and I.”

Tell me about your job …

“When I first moved to Spain, I started working in a restaurant in Los Arenales Del Sol.  It was there that I learned to speak Spanish.  I met some people from Holland and Belgium who were looking for someone to do key holding for them and that is how Rose Costa Services began.  My job gradually evolved to include more property management services.  I feel like I am a Personal Assistant for clients and I take special care of their homes.  I do everything from small jobs to the big complicated jobs so my clients do not have to worry about a thing.”

“About 4 years ago, I realised people needed help investing here, so now I help clients buy and sell their properties.  I love the twinkle a client gets in their eyes when they find their dream home.”

Tell me about your home life …

“My daughter Bridget is 19 years old.  She recently graduated from school and following a work placement at Leticia’s beauty salon in Centro Commercial, she was offered a full time position.”

“I have been with my partner Grant for the last 7 years; he is a music producer and songwriter from England.  We met through mutual Dutch friends.  He has worked with U2 and has just produced two songs in the new Julian Lennon album.”

Not only does Bianca speak Dutch, Spanish and English, she speaks German too!  

I love all the little personal touches around her home that act as a reminder of the Netherlands.  

What do you do for fun?

“I take my dog Bella to agility classes.  It is a lot of fun and we both get some exercise.  I also love exploring and travelling.  Often Bella and I will go off on an adventure exploring with a backpack full of snacks.  There are so many beautiful walks in the surrounding area.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I am working with my friend Katrin to organise day trips, walking tours, small night trips and helping with yoga retreats.  We have a similar outlook on life and want to share our passions of exploring and travelling with other people.”

What are you most grateful for?

“I am grateful I found my dream home here in Gran Alacant.  I am proud that my daughter is doing well and is happy in what she is doing.  I have my lovely dog Bella and a very sweet boyfriend and friends.  Sadly, I recently lost my Mum and my Dad’s health is not good.  My moto is “Live for today as tomorrow is not guaranteed.””

I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with Bianca at a recent Yoga Retreat.  I found her to be a kind and caring soul with a wonderfully dry sense of humour. 

Thank you Bianca  for your time and for sharing your story with us.