We now hold our events at Restaurant Alonai at the Santara Resort (previously Life Resort) in Gran Alacant and have so far held the first two events of the 2106/17 programme at the new venue which has been well received by members and visitors. The room is modern, well appointed and more spacious than previous venues accommodating up 100. Santara Resort allow those attending our events free parking in the underground car park. On Thursday 13th October we held our first Dinner Dance with almost 70 attending. The menu and service was excellent. Woody provided the music and, as usual, kept the evening swinging. Members left at midnight after a great evening.

Anyone wanting more information or would like to join us should call Bob Newby on 966 697 439 or visit our website at www.interclubarenales.webs.com. which includes our programme for the next 12 months.

Programme 2016/2017.

22nd September 2016 – Peter’s Beetle game

13th October 2016 – Dinner Dance with Woody.

27th October 2016 – John’s Bingo quiz.

10th November 2016 – Dinner dance with Timewarp.

24th November 2016 – Bryan’s Music quiz & singalong.

15th December 2016 – Christmas Dinner Dance with Woody.

19th January 2017 – Bob’s Blockbuster quiz.

9th February 2016 – Dinner Dance with Tony Hall.

23rd February 2017 – Sheila’s quiz

16th March 2017 – Dinner dance with Woody.

30th March 2017 – Eddie’s quiz

27th April 2017 – Dinner Dance with Timewarp.

28th April 2017 (Friday) – Petanca Competiton

11th May 2017 – Dinner Dance with Woody.

25th May 2017 – Bryan’s Fun quiz and playing card game.

4th June 2017(Sunday) – Car Rally.

15th June 2017 – End of year Dinner dance with Woody.

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