Dear Sonia, 

Q: I have been struggling with not being able to see my friends and family due to the Covid restrictions. How do I cope with feeling lonely?

Thoughtful elderly man sitting alone at home with his walking cane

Over the last week I’ve had two new clients who are struggling with feeling lonely. During these difficult times more and more people are feeling the same way. My niece and a very good friend of mine who also live alone have shared that they too are suffering with loneliness.

It feels like the virus has disrupted our lives for too long now. The lockdown in March was really difficult, especially as many people live alone or have to deal with a bad family atmosphere. The continuing restrictions have meant that we have had to be home early, aren’t able to visit friends or family and the lack of physical contact is extremely difficult. It is very hard for the emotional side of our brain and our hearts to understand and accept our current “reality”. We all know that the restrictions are necessary but it is still difficult on us emotionally.

The best way to handle this situation is to work on your feelings and find ways to accept this new reality, even though its not what you want it to be. Only by listening to, expressing and acknowledging that your emotions are a part of you, will you be able to be at peace with yourself, no matter what the circumstances.

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