Hello readers, for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself, my name is Jackie Canale and I am a Holistic Therapist working in Gran Alacant, promoting holistic well-being wherever I can.

Welcome to February! Most of you will now be getting over the January blues where we feel bad for over-indulgence and now on our new mindset to a healthier self.

If you are anything like me I always feel completely bloated after the holidays and want to tape my mouth shut and hide for a few weeks into the new year.

So, with this feeling comes the turning point in all of us and we find ourselves reaching for the diet cookbooks or joining that slimming club or fitness class, on the search for our inner fabulousness. A great time to accelerate that boost in your positive changes by having a massage.

Combining massage with aromatherapy is a preference of mine (being both a massage therapist and an aromatherapist) and by using essential oils like Bergamot, Lemon or Ginger to name a few, these oils have the added benefits of speeding up weight loss and switching the body to fat burning mode.

Massage therapy speeds up the blood circulation, encouraging your whole body to work properly whilst relaxing the muscles and easing any pain you may have. I personally recommend everyone should have a massage at least once a month to keep the body in flow. When you feel good on the inside, you radiate happiness.

In the coming months I will be talking about different holistic treatments and their benefits, the healing benefits in essential oils, to the benefits of certain foods & supplements that you can bring to your own homes enabling you to chase away any ailments.

With Valentines Day approaching why not buy your loved one a gift to remember.

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Please feel free to call, message or email me with any questions you may have, to book an appointment or to simply book a free 30 min consultation to see what treatment os best for you.

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