Do you already live a Holistic lifestyle but feel like something is missing?

Do you want to live a more natural, positive, creative and balanced life but you don’t know where to start?

Do you find yourself getting caught up in all the celeb magazines with all their air brushed photos and all their fad diet articles on how to achieve that bikini body in 4 weeks and find it more confusing than ever?
It’s not about living everyday depriving yourself from all the little moments that make your life enjoyable. It is about living whole, bringing with it a more mindful and balanced lifestyle. I always say tap into your natural hunger signals and fill your vehicle with some good wholesome produce. Look after your most important vehicle and it will run effectively. Eat good foods, move your body daily and drink the water.

So when and how much water are we supposed to drink?
There are lots of mixed information out there regarding this, most say aim for 2 litres daily but that aside I also know professionals that say not everyone needs this amount, that it can depend on the individual, so an easy rule of thumb would be to go with your own bodies balance and thirst but aim for making it your daily routine, spaced out throughout your day.

The right time to drink water would be:

1 glass when you wake up to aid cleansing and kick starting the body.
1 glass before every meal to help with your digestion.
1 glass before a shower if you suffer from high blood pressure.
1 glass before bed to keep yourself hydrated as your body cleanses.
And add another 2 or 3 throughout your day for after your daily exercise or whilst you work, and definitely after a massage or body treatment to help flush out they toxins.

Food is medicine and superfoods are the most delicious and best ones. Try by incorporating them into your daily diet. The natural fresh superfoods have a powerful way of packing your body with health benefits, from improving your immune system to increasing your energy levels, boosting feel good factors and promoting more restful night sleep. Not all “super” heroes wear capes as they say and we all know that healthy nutrition plays an essential role in our health and wellbeing.

Don’t give up your guilty pleasures, those who know me know that I don’t do diets especially the “fad” kind, guaranteed if you try one another will follow shortly after. Life is more about creating the healthy balance and by incorporating a lot of these foods into your daily life the need for your guilty pleasures lessen.

Start by implementing superfoods into your diet.

Think whole and colourful and you are on the right track.
Top Superfoods include natural nuts & seeds, greens like spinach, kale broccoli, sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and there is plenty of choice. Please see attached on the page the cut out and keep easy guide to shop for the good foods and if you are unsure what to cook a website for tasty ideas (one of many) is this site has 45 superfood recipes for you which are easy to do, gorgeous to taste and will have you feeling like a domestic god/goddess in the kitchen in no time.

This is an easy way to getting healthier and will aid your body, mind and spirit creating a healthier, happier, more vibrant you because you are worth it, by the bucket load.

Take care, stay healthy and happy.

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