Despite of what freaky conspiranoics say, we keep recommending everybody (when the turn arrives, not like the shaming example of certain Spanish politicians and high graduation “brave” soldiers), to get vaccinated against NCoV-19, and unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t leave your home. We are facing a very serious situation, and we all should collaborate.

                  Vaccines work: on one hand they protect us from catching the disease and on the other hand they make more difficult (or stop completely) spreading of the virus. Getting vaccinated cannot be a political or beliefs matter, since health is above right wing or left wing political discussions. Of course complementary measures such as face mask, social distancing and regular hands sanitizing are as critical as vaccinating.

                  What’s new about Brexit: according to DEFRA website, the requirements for returning from an EU country to the UK remain the same: microchip, passport and a valid rabies injection (done 21 days before if it’s the first time or if the previous injection has expired), and in case of dogs, a tapeworm treatment between 24 hours and 5 days the moment you are expecting to cross. Fortunately, no rabies antibodies blood test is required for crossing the border. In the UK, both British and Spanish EU passport are still valid, but in EU territory British passports are no longer valid, so it becomes interesting to obtain a Spanish passport for your pet. This is a quick procedure that can be performed in every Vet surgery in a matter of minutes. The only problem is, according to Spanish Vet College, non-EU Vets are not allowed to sign vaccines in an EU passport, but I have my doubts about it.

                  We are noting that, due to the high number of people that are adopting pets these last months (which is a worldwide trend since lockdown started), a growing number of dogs coming from Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, etc) are being sold in Spanish pet shops. If you are considering to purchase one of those puppies, we strongly recommend you to watch these videos first:

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