5 Gentle reminders that will help you have a happy year ahead!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a lovely festive period! So here we are, 12 brand new months await us, brand new opportunities so let’s start off on the right foot!

Many of us start the year making some resolutions, and it is a great way to start your focus but this year try simply changing the mindset rather than making demands to yourself! Some of us have had the same resolutions for the past 5 years and still haven’t seen them through. So this year try a new approach to your resolutions… Resolutions Vs Mindset.

At the first hurdle of stress, for many of us, our resolutions go out the window and we grab that cigarette or that chocolate that we promised we wouldn’t do!!

We all have areas in our lives that can bring stress and when we put pressure on ourselves it puts the stress levels up but it doesn’t mean we have to hold onto them.
The signs of stress aren’t always obvious but the effects can manifest in our lives in many ways. And chronic illnesses are very often stress related.

On a better note, we don’t have to allow it in our lives, we have the choice, we allow it in, so we can quite simply send it on its way back out! It’s a mindset!!

That aside, of course we will have areas where we can’t avoid stress and by the practice of a positive mindset we will cope a lot better than if we don’t.

Making small lifestyle changes can help us to combat our woes. In NLP & Life Coaching when dealing with a client who doesn’t cope well with stress my favourite way to work with them is the simple structure of the 5 gentle steps.

1. Just Breathe-

So it seems pretty obvious right? But to actually breathe correctly is something most of us fail to do. Breathing is controlled from our subconscious mind so most are unaware of how we are doing it. I say, breath from the belly, not from the chest, take it right down. The benefits of breathing properly to the body & mind is great. Try it!

2. Get Sleep-

When we stress, our sleep can be the first thing to suffer. So do breathing exercises from your belly before bedtime to aid a relaxing nights sleep. Try some nice lavender oil on your neck and tummy area to help, or a relaxing essential oil bath to unwind from a hard day at work.

3. Meditate-

Are you aware of the mind-body-spirit connection? It is important in life to learn this in yourself. When you meditate it relaxes the mind & body and allows you to be completely in the present moment. Even if you are not spiritually minded, don’t be scared from it, meditation is an amazing tool for lowering stress, increasing relaxation and making you calm. It s amazing what you also learn about yourself and what you are willing to put up with when you start some regular meditation.

4. Exercise-

Your body needs it, whatever you choose to do just do it, brisk walk to the shops or on the way back from school, some sit ups, a little yoga, leg day, swimming, boot camp, just get they endorphins working your mood.

5. Be Positive-

I use the “calm anchor” approach in my coaching. As I said previous, life doesn’t always turn out the way we would like and we all experience setbacks. Always try and have as positive a mind as you can. In other words, just be kind to yourself. The “calm anchor” approach helps you to do this.

Mentally go to a time when you felt really good about yourself, really confident, happy and on top of your game, really hold that feeling and feel how it makes you feel. This tip helps calm the mind & the breathing and helps us think more clearly.

Don’t allow yourself to be limited, instead be your most courageous you and see how great you can feel.

Start your resolutions this year simply by doing these 5 gentle reminders and you may find that this is the year you see these resolutions through!! Have a fabulous year ahead!!

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