Welcome to 2020…is this the year that you have decided to become this new you that you wish for every year? Is it going to be your year? Have you said this time and time again over the years and halfway through January the strong will goes out the window? Well why not look at a different pattern to your behaviour…. after all you get results by change…not by chance!

This month is dedicated to all those wanting to change their shape by reducing some weight…truth be told, most of us have hang ups with our body shapes & weight, whatever we do…but life happens and we are entitled to enjoy it!

Since we were little kids, we have been hearing the brain washing going in around the typical dinner time talks….

“Eat your dinner and you will grow up big & strong”

“You won’t get a sweet if you don’t finish your dinner”

Or the craziest of them all…

“Think about all the starving children in Africa” the most idiotic logic, that by us overeating will ever compensate a starving child.

When we are born, we cry when we are hungry, we take enough milk and when we are satisfied, we can’t have another drop, eating ONLY when we are hungry. Along the line…in steps conditioning!

Nursery & School, then work – eat breakfast before we go … have set tea & lunch breaks. Conditioning us to eat at certain times to suit the society surrounding us…not exactly what nature intended.

We start overriding our natural, built in hunger signal, we start eating more than we require or when we aren’t even hungry because of the world we are conditioned in.
Start tuning back into your natural hunger signal again … ask yourself … are you really hungry?

Slimming Clubs thrive on repeat business, its all set off with a “goal”. Goal driven doesn’t last for most of us. You stand on the scales, focusing on the negative, you do this weekly (and in front of people), you will then focus all of your attention on food (the last thing you want to do) what you are eating becomes the most important parts & planning of your day. You can or can’t eat this or that, depending on if it is a free food or off limits! You “lose” the weight for that goal … great right … but for how long?

When your subconscious mind “loses” something it’s automatic response is to find it again … yes … you find it again and 80% of the time find a little bit more just to be on the safe side… and the yo-yo begins…repeat business for the slimming club, after all, you felt that it worked for you before…right?!

What if you used the power of your own mind and got your desire? You already have the ability!

Start listening out for your natural hunger signal, our bodies are equipped with signals for everything we need to fuel & protect it … signals are shown for several things like – tired, thirsty, cold, warm, hungry, the signals are all there. Reassess and readdress the natural need for food, not the indulgence.
Walk into the kitchen bored? Have a glass of water and reassess that hunger.

Change your language … you DO NOT want to “lose” weight … you would simply like to reduce in size.

No food is off limits (unless you have a medical condition) this will only make you think more about the limited food.

Do not…I repeat DO NOT step on scales…it’s a trap. Do you know how much the body weight can fluctuate on a daily basis?

Language is the key…positive language to your inner self.

At meal times…put that knife and fork down between each bite and really taste each mouthful … half way through … ask yourself if you are satisfied … don’t wait until you feel bagged up … leave some on the plate…it’s okay to waste some food or simply keep it for later…if you don’t waste it somewhere it will be wasted to your waist.

If you would like to learn more on this lifelong concept please contact me for more information…I am now taking names for a small group working on a 4-6 week program with lasting results with no yo-yo effect…you have the power to make the change!

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