The year is ending, and it can be easily summarized like this: it has been the year of the fake news. Here, in Spain, about Ley de Bienestar Animal (Animal Welfare Act), which is NOT EVEN completely developed at this moment, we have heard lots of silly things and nonsense.

We’ve already written about this law 

(still not approved at this moment, we must insist), in other articles. What anyone can check is some bills, but, please, always at official Government websites, not at tabloids or social networks. And we can guarantee there is no mention about forbidding hamsters, Guinea pigs, budgies or lovebirds as companion pets, nor mandatory “animal DNI”, nor a 24-7 official Vet in “surveillance tasks”  in every village despite there is not even a Chemistry or other essential services. All these FALSE things are just a product from some people’s imagination, or, much more commonly, fake news created by some people and some lobbies with one clear purpose: conditioning people for the elections that will be in Spain next year. Yes, fake news for interfering elections is not only a matter of Trump or Bolsonaro. We have the same problem in Spain: there is a bunch of people who, if necessary, will say the world is flat or donkeys fly just for discrediting the Government. But everyone can realize, after thinking about it, that all these silly things are just coarse manipulations.

Dogs and cats don’t need a DNI. Their DNI is the microchip plus the passport.

Hamsters, Guinea pigs, budgies, etc, are not and will not be forbidden. The Minister said some weeks ago: “traditional small pets are not going to be forbidden in any way”. But it’s true that some animals such as racoons or Vietnamese pigs, which are very harmful for the ecosystem when released, are going to be forbidden, but, seriously, does anybody think racoons and Vietnamese pigs are “traditional pets”??

So, if you want REAL, fake news-free info about these matters, just ask your Vet. Our Official Colleges, which are, as their name itself say, OFFICIAL, update all the new regulations directly from the Government, not from Twitter, Tik-Tok or alt-right tabloids.

Unfortunately, one of the most typical things of the times we are living is fake news, which are created in most cases for denying evidences  for example, climate change), or about ridiculous matters (“we all are going to be chipped when inoculated against NCoV”).

Many things we receive from social networks are jokes, or simply lies. We thing we should leave all those “false” social networks behind and concentrate in true social networks: the ones which put real people together in order to help and care each other. We can see it day after day at the practice: real social networks which appear spontaneously for taking care of pets, for example when somebody looks after a neighbour’s dog if it has to go to the hospital or go back to its country for a while, etc.



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