Our article about remote working in last months edition generated a 

lot of interest so we are sharing some more stories from other remote 

workers who live in Gran Alacant.

Chris Goss

Hello, I’m Chris and I’m a dual Irish / British national. I first came to work in Alicante in 2005 on a 6 month contract which extended to a year. Shortly after, I began my current role as a freelance consultant helping international companies define & implement strategic change. This required me to travel extensively but also allowed me to work remotely from home for most of the time. Having lived in several major cities including London, Paris and Madrid I had already started to question city life and began to prioritise my health and lifestyle, plus I wanted to buy a house that I could not only afford but also liked! I soon realised that I had the freedom to live anywhere, and that all I really needed was a nice home, reliable Wi-Fi and great transport options nearby. 

So in 2007 I decided to relocate permanently to Gran Alacant. I now live 3 minutes from the beach, and 10 minutes from a great low-cost international airport – and I never hear the planes! Normally I can choose between several daily direct flights to almost anywhere in Europe, adding just one connection for major Asian or N. American destinations. Once I touch down in Alicante I’m usually off that plane and home within half an hour. Gran Alacant is ideal for remote work, for weekends away when you have an urge for the city life (both Madrid and Valencia are both only 2 hours by train), and for visiting family and friends, as the whole of Europe is just a short flight away.

Then of course there are the real benefits of the short sunny winter, the low cost of living, great food & restaurants, and the very healthy outdoor lifestyle; we have pools, gardens, tennis courts all inside the estate (a real millionaires lifestyle for less than the cost of an average house in the UK), with Scuba, SUP, Kite Surfing, Paragliding, Hiking, Golf etc.. literally on our doorstep.  There is also an amazing selection of public, private & international schools nearby, and importantly, our mid-week routine (sleep / commute / work) is so much easier to manage that many modern life stresses just fade away. Gran Alacant is very convenient, and I’ve always found Spanish people to be incredibly patient, tolerant and kind – so what’s not to like? Well, in a word, August; it’s too hot, too busy and there’s no parking, but fortunately it’s the best time of year for a vacation.

Elena Castillo

I am Elena, originally from Spain (Elche) I am an Accountant Manager from an international travel company, and I am enjoying so much living in Gran Alacant.Just came back last year after I have been almost ten years abroad, working in an international and multicultural office environment in London for eight years, which I enjoyed very much, as the opportunities there are limitless. Then I moved to Portugal where I spent two years discovering another office environment and a different way of living.

When suddenly I realized how much I needed it to be back to my place, a place full of “hight quality of life”, how much I missed….the weather, the fresh food, the options to have the beach and the mountain, all in one place, also the healthy and sporty environment and joyful people around.

I am now working remotely, and I found this place, a “Paradise”, I am very happy I have found “The Simple Social Hub community”, where I can connect with people from everywhere in the world, with everything that it has to offer. Definitely Gran Alacant is a great place to be!!!

Rosie Alty

Originally from Liverpool I am now a high end ambassador for  Actilabs a company that operates globally. With a career as an English teacher, after I had my two boys I needed to be able to work around them and since joining my company I’m fortunate enough that we’re ever iam in the world I can successfully work my business from my phone or laptop. 

We moved to Gran Alacant 18 months ago and the community has made us feel so welcome, we have everything we need here. We have amazing friends and we are surrounded by beautiful beaches and scenery. 

I love being able to work from home now, it fits around me, my husband and our children, and allows me to earn a residual income. I’m looking forward to expanding and venturing out further to help more men and women achieve their goals and dreams just like I have whilst still being able to enjoy a fulfilled abundant family life here in Gran Alacant. 

If these stories have inspired you to take the plunge and relocate to Gran Alacant, we recommend that you contact 

Costa Blanca Lawyers  info@costablancalawyers.com for any legal enquiries you may have and the Simple Social Hub info@simplesocialhub.com for information about renting co-working space.