Blue October :

Oh, my dear Jessica. What did you do? For the M.A.B.S. cancer support I dyed my hair blue. It would not wash out, I began to boo, tried every shampoo, had not a clue! For the hospice fund my tins went out, Put all your coins in! You heard me shout! I gathered them in one by one. All went to M.A.B.S. It’s not a con! My hair is still blue right at the ends, it may come out it all depends! 1165€ was the amount raised. My hair, my mind and soul are still in a daze.


Hole in the Wall: Gary Downes, the GA Electrician had a great idea to buy a gold lattice Easter egg brought all the way from Ireland and raffle it for the Gran Alacant Hospice Fund, along with other activities like a mini auction where a bottle of vodka was re-auctioned over and over again! The huge amount raised was 1080€ The Hole in the Wall hosted the event with banter coming from all sides to poor Crazy Kev. Mr Bojangles aided by Margaret Smith, Ian, Pauline and John to keep the crowd spending money. With reels of laughter from everyone as they all tried to out do each other this certainly made it an Easter Sunday to remember!


Dick Turpins : Wednesday on the 23rd of March was certainly the place to be at Dick Turpins Bar. Fun, games, bingo and raffles gave a good old fashioned Easter Fun Day organized by Margaret Smith and her gang who got together to raise funds for the pending Gran Alacant hospice. How does she do it, whatever she is on, should be bottled. Margaret and her team are always such great supporters of M.A.B.S. Always working hard to boost funds. 770€ was raised. Well done!

Zest Bar : The wonderful new ZEST BAR in Sierra Mar square have made M.A.B.S. their charity to help raise funds for the Gran Alacant Hospice that we are aiming for. Bingo, raffles and an assortment of other fundraising games helped to raise a grand sum of 270€ over Easter. Many thanks go out to all who attended and the owners Brett, Lee, Tim and Michael for organizing such a successful day!

Bobby : On Most Sundays a special lady called Bobby could have been seen at the Hole in the Wall knitting soft toys for M.A.B.S.sadly Bobby has now passed away leaving M.A.B.S. the wonderful sum of 850€ the proceeds from her soft toys sales. Her lovely husband Martin presented us with the cheque at the Hole in the Wall. Thank you Bobby and Martin for supporting MABS.


Thank you each and every one of you for pushing M.A.B.S. Hospice Fund along. Plans for this year are still on my mind. Cancer Hits everyone. Lets show that we care. Please fill all of M.A.B.S. tins that you see everywhere. Thank you Jean Reiterbund