A good time was had by all at GASP’s latest production on 26th and 27th November in the Salon des Actos, Santara Life Resort. The first half of the evening took the form of 3 short “Victorian” melodramas: “The Drunkard’s Dilemma”, “The Wages of Sin” and “Maria Marten”, all happily over-acted in true melodramatic fashion, with lots of audience participation by way of boos, hisses and gasps, especially during “Maria Marten” , when normally shy and retiring Tony Skinner egged them on.

In the second half the company took a satirical look at Brexit, eavesdropping on a Ministerial meeting, hearing a Scots clergyman’s nightmare while pondering his next sermon, and sympathising with a lady in a cafe, who only wanted an English breakfast. The evening finished with a “News at Ten”, complete with rather dim Weathergirl. As always a donation will be made from ticket sales to Cruz Roja in Santa Pola. This has been scheduled for Wednesday 14th December. GASP are now taking a break as some members will be in UK over Christmas and well into the New Year, but keep reading this excellent magazine for news of our upcoming productions.

Don’t forget, if you fancy treading the boards yourself, or just helping out backstage, please phone David on 966 181 113 or email gasptheatre@hotmail.co.uk.