The cast are now getting into the final stages of rehearsals for the next presentation.

The plot concerns a group of pensioners, fur coats, a maid, and of course a policeman.

Has Dame Beatrice been “ at it “ again ?, Are the tactics of the Brigadier up to muster ? Has Hattie had too much nerve tonic? Did Norman get paid for the voice lessons?  What does Lily the maid know?  Who has Alice got her eye on? Does D.S. Pape get confused?

Answers will be revealed at ……….

The Venue SANTARA LIFE RESORT ( Life Resort )

The performance dates are Saturday 21st May and Sunday 22nd May . Curtain up at 19.30

Tickets cost €8 and can be reserved by calling David on 966 181 113 or 628 774 461 also Penny and Chris on 966 181 194. or email

As usual a donation will be made to CRUZ ROJA from the proceeds of this show .

Come and see them show and you will be helping GASP to help the CRUZ ROJA , you never know if you may need them one day .

The pictures show the characters and players and a scene during a recent rehearsal . The remainder you can see next month .

For information on the Group , contact Christine on 96.669.98.45 or drop into rehearsals on Wednesday evening from 19.30 in the Salas Municipales , Santara Resort .